The SOS Curacao Swim/Adventure Training Clinic
What a year, 2020 is cramping everyone’s style!

Since uncertainty had led the team to cancel the 2021 SOS Curacao Triathlon due to logistical reasons, this doesn’t stop the SOS crew as we are always looking to bring you something new and exciting.

We have some good news which has been brought to the ears of many, as of mid-October Curacao has decided to reopen Curaçao International Airport allowing guests from all over the world to return to our beautiful island hideaway.

In an effort to make things interesting and exciting to kick off 2021, we have been tossing around the idea and want to bounce it off our current SOS Family members and those that like the sounds of a Caribbean getaway.

The SOS Curacao Swim/Adventure Training Clinic is our Next Adventure!

NOW we still will not hold the OFFICAL event, but we WOULD offer an SOS Curacao Swim Clinic in early March of 2021  which we will bring in a top-level swim coach and we will organize SOS Curacao course training, doing 1 or more (or more) segments of the actual race for your enjoyment.

SOS Curacao Team looks forward to welcoming you.

See you in March?!

SOS Curacao Swim/Adventure Training
MARCH 8th -15th, 2021

Activities will be done all through the week and concentrated on
March 12-14th which would have been race weekend.

As the Adventure plan solidifies we will send emails with itinerary and
"check-in" for the activities line up for the week.

American Airlines -> Direct via Miami -> Daily
Jet Blue --> Direct via JFK NY -> Monday, Wednesday, and Friday
United Airlines - -> Direct via Newark NJ -> Saturday
KLM -> Direct via Amsterdam -> Daily
Aruba Airlines -> Direct from Aruba -> Daily
(*above information is tentative, Please check all Airlines for further details)


Hotels and Accommodations
The SOS Team is currently working on possible Hotel Event Rates and will notify when more information becomes available.
If you wish to stay outside of the Hotels provided we have contacts for Houses and or other amenities.

We kindly ask if you are interested to fire us an email
this will allow us a "general" headcount for planning
or if you have any questions, please
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