SOS Curacao - Leg 1 Bike
SOS Curacao - Leg 2 Swim 1
SOS Curacao - Leg 3 Run 1.r1
SOS Curacao - Leg 4 Swim 2
SOS Curacao - Leg 5 Run 2.r1
SOS Curacao - Leg 6 Swim 3 & Finish


Live the Adventure

This rigorous, technical course transitions adventurers through various uninhabited, historically relevent areas through to the most bucolic & beautiful resorts, beaches & bays.


The First Leg: Bike on CLOSED ROADS - Starts at the entrance to the Santa Barbara Resort, and out and back, looping Tafelberg (Table Mountain) nature preserve and the active Limestone mine established in 1874, MijnMaatschappij Curaçao (Mining Company). The bike winds into transition back at Santa Barbara resort beach.


Second Leg: Swim loop around the aquarium like Sta Barbara beach and then across the channel to a rocky climb out of the water onto the barren Caracas Baai Island.


Third Leg:  This First hilly run takes our athletes through the natural wonders of Caracas Baai Island, flowing through the natural mundi-like wilderness of the island, passing by various historic colonial era ruins, and buildings.


Fourth Leg: Adventurers will start the First open water swim, via Directors Bay, passing almost directly over the world famous “Tug Boat” dive site. Making their way past Fort Beekenburg, built on the bluff of the peninsula around 1703, and on past Baya Beach landing this long swim at Pops Place and the small strip of land connecting Jan Thiel to Caracas Baai Island transitioning back to land.


Fifth Leg: This second long difficult run flows up into Jan Thiel than melts down in and through the Historic Colonial-era “Saliñas” (Salt Pans) mines, then turning due South and heading back to the coast ending this arduous trek at the beach area at the Lions Dive resort.


Sixth & Final Leg: Another large loop swim in and around the Lions Dive Beach resort, and Seaquarium lagoon, with finishers bringing it home strong into the picturesque resort.

Capping off this epic day of adventure, athleticism and endurance with recovery and celebration with a relaxing beach party at the famous Chill Beach Bar and Grill.