Athletes must complete the following :

A standard Olympic-distance race in 3:30 hours or less
(or adjusted time if a non-standard Olympic)

****If you have a request for a waiver please contact us ASAP****


Featuring six legs dynamically mixing each triathlon discipline:

20 Kilometer Cycling - CLOSED ROADS (Rolling)

1 Kilometer Swim (Open Water/Close to Shore)

5 Kilometer Run (Hilly)

1.4 Kilometer Swim (Open Water)

6.3 Kilometer Run (Hilly/Salt Mine)

1.2 Kilometer Swim (Open Water/Close to Shore)




  • Curacao is a dry arid island and can see

  • temperatures around 90-95 degrees.

  • On Race Day we urge all participants to wear ample sunscreen and keep hydrated.

  • It would be wise for those not used to the conditions of the island to carry a water bottle during the race.

  • We will have Aid Stations at key locations for water and to fill water bottles if needed.


20k through the Mijnmaatschappij, on CLOSED ROADS

this single out and back will offer participants to ride

through some of the rolling hills, crosswinds and spectacular views...

Keep your eyes open you may catch a glimpse

of Goats and Donkeys cheering you on!


On race day we ask that each participant has a Bike Handler to

retrieve his or her bike and remove it from transition.

If you are staying at a hotel other than Sta Barbara

your bike and bike handler will be transported

by qualified personnel back to Lions Dive Hotel.



SOS Curacao offers THREE (3) Open Water swims.

All of which will offer stunning views and a good test of skill.

Please remember, safety first.


SOS Curacao offers TWO (2) Challenging runs through some of the key

Historical sites on the island. Caracas Bai Island and the Salinja (Salt Pans) 


You can feel the HISTORY of the Island as you traverse the course!

An epic triathlon-based adventure race on the beautiful

Caribbean island of Curaçao.

The PC Racing organization was founded to challenge ourselves, teammates, partners and participant’s to interactively promote exciting community ideas and adventures that push our imaginations of what is possible in sport, health and well-being. In keeping with the spirit of our mission, PC Racing is partnering with New York Triathlete Association to welcome the S.O.S. Triathlon Series to Curaçao.

As you know, Curaçao is quickly becoming the preeminent tourist destination in the Caribbean. This Dutch Caribbean island is known for its quaint, picturesque beaches tucked into interesting coves and expansive coral reefs teaming with rich marine life. For these reasons and more, Curaçao is the perfect place to host exciting new adventure races and leverage its incredible and interesting features to put this amazing island on the map as a premier “RaceCation” destination.

“S.O.S.” describes The Survival of the Shawangunks, a non-traditional triathlon established in 1983. This race, historically an eight-stage multi-discipline triathlon is held in New Paltz, NY every September and is the brainchild of Don Davis, a veteran Triathlete and founder of the New York Triathlete Association. This adventure race is consistently ranked among the best adventure triathlons in the world, and one of most scenic. S.O.S. has become a right of passage in the world of Triathlon and so popular that every year the event sells out in mere minutes. (www.sostriathlon.com)

This is a one of a kind race format it is unique, exciting and technical!

To quote Don Davis

It’s not just a race, it’s combination triathlon and ADVENTURE!”


The popularity and desire for additional races like Survival of the Shawangunks inspired Don, Evan Davis and their team to look for other exceptionally challenging and scenic locations to host similar events. Don and Evan have been instrumental in the success of S.O.S., its expansion, and will play major roles in this new event. PC Racing was very humbled and excited to be selected as a partner by the S.O.S. team to work together to bring this new dynamic race to life in Curacao but potentially other parts of Caribbean in the future.